Friday, January 29, 2010


Sorry for not being able to update this blog. We had problems with our internet connection as most webpages have been blocked (problems with schoolnet). But finally, I can surf the net smoothly :D

Latest update from Ulu Kakus : I have been very busy renewing, creating new teaching aids and also beautifying my preschool (please refer to the slideshow below).. Made name tags for my children, renewed the Rukun Negara chart, made placemats with childrens' work and etc... Will update more this weekend! (YAY!)... 

I have some things in mind for this weekend. I plan to create some preschool songs in mp3 format. Children love singing and they get even more excited when the songs that they sing is accompanied by music :D.. Do visit my page again yeah! till then, have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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