Saturday, February 08, 2014

Free Numeracy Worksheets, Birthday Chart & Duty Roster

Hi everyone...

It's still not tooooo late to wish everyone a Happy New Year and a blessed Chinese New Year! 

I would like to thank everyone for visiting my blog.. Thousand apologies everyone for not having the time to update this blog. I have problems with the internet connection in my school (i'm still in ulu kakus... the internet connection is not that good here)... 

I am looking forward to this beautiful year 2014 coz I am finally going to settle down.. FINALLY! *phewww*

anyway, just wanna take this time to share some new stuff... feel free to download :)

1. Class Duty Roster (Editable)

2. Mengenal Corak Berulang

3. Memadankan Objek Berpasangan

4. Birthday Chart

5. Kira dan bulatkan nombor yang betul