Saturday, February 08, 2014

Free Numeracy Worksheets, Birthday Chart & Duty Roster

Hi everyone...

It's still not tooooo late to wish everyone a Happy New Year and a blessed Chinese New Year! 

I would like to thank everyone for visiting my blog.. Thousand apologies everyone for not having the time to update this blog. I have problems with the internet connection in my school (i'm still in ulu kakus... the internet connection is not that good here)... 

I am looking forward to this beautiful year 2014 coz I am finally going to settle down.. FINALLY! *phewww*

anyway, just wanna take this time to share some new stuff... feel free to download :)

1. Class Duty Roster (Editable)

2. Mengenal Corak Berulang

3. Memadankan Objek Berpasangan

4. Birthday Chart

5. Kira dan bulatkan nombor yang betul


  1. saya download yer... utk anak saya... tq

  2. hi adeline...tq for sharing the worksheets...;-) have a nice day..